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Europe is confronted with an ageing population and a shrinking workforce, as well as labour and skills shortages: While in 2010, just over 4.2 million people in Germany e.g. were 80 and older, in 2050, experts estimate, there will be over 10 million. OECD (2014) estimates working-age population to decline by 7.5 million (-2.2%) between 2013 and 2020 and with zero net migration it would be expected to decline by even -3.5% by 2020 in the 28 EU countries. In the care sector, the ver.di trade union, estimates 70,000 skilled workers are already missing nationwide in nursing. 40,000 additional specialists are needed in geriatric care and this issue will become even more severe in the future.

To overcome this situation, many countries, inter alia Austria and Germany, have invited high qualified workers without (yet) solving the overall skills and HR gap. One possibility however not yet explored well, due to legal limitations and/ or longterm preparations needed in education mainly, is that of involving migrants and refugees who, in many cases, show respective qualifications or at least knowledge, skills and competences to start in the care sector with support related to knowledge/ skills assessment gained from (non)formal or experimental learning situations in their home countries and learning of customer care related skills and competences at a European standard.

The MIGRANTS CARE project will elaborate innovative education material and accompanying support documents for their transfer into other VET organisations, companies in the care sector and initiatives supporting migrants in their (labour and or education) integration.

MIGRANTS CARE will be supported by a strategic involvement of target groups and key stakeholders and is confident to thus achieve the long term impact of helping target audiences in improving customer care aspects in the care sector for migrants; make policy and education providers rethink towards the implementation of alternative training solutions for otherwise people at risk of exclusion from society, work and education.