Founded in 2009, INNETICA is a non-profit association whose mission is to promote cooperation between entities throughout Europe to promote European values in accordance with Article 2 of the European Union Treaty. For this, we focus mainly on three fields:

  • Education and training: INNETICA will contribute to improving the quality of Education and the training of associated entities through the development of European projects that facilitate innovation and the exchange of good practices. It will also support and organize training programs, symposiums and conferences, cooperating and collaborating with national and international organizations.
  • Research, development and social and cultural Innovation: all this through an innovative vision of the activity of educational entities and training centers that must integrate respect for ethical values. The research and innovation that INNETICA develops has as its focus and aim the human being in any of its social and cultural environments.
  • ICT applied to Education and social and cultural Innovation: in addition, INNETICA aims to use all kinds of electronic tools that can have different purposes: didactic, health, culture, welfare…

In addition to this, we want to promote sustainable development through different initiatives aimed at protecting the environment.

We integrate a diversity of European partners in order to promote research projects, technological development and social innovation, in addition to developing educational projects and teaching activities.

Based on these pillars, INNETICA will provide the necessary infrastructures for a center for research and social innovation that will bring together university entities, public bodies, companies, training centers, as well as intellectuals, professionals and volunteers who contribute their ideas and experiences to the change and improvement in European societies.

To fulfill all these purposes, we develop various activities, for example:

  • The organization of conferences and meetings at National and European level in Education, Training, Health, research and social Innovation.
  • Preparation of projects for funding by the different programs of the European Union (Erasmus +, Horizon 2020, etc…) and participate in those offered by the different partners of the European networks in which INNETICA participates.
  • Carrying out dissemination campaigns on the results of the projects carried out by the Association or by the members of the European networks in which INNETICA is integrated.
  • Publications, creation and development of content, applications and digital services related to the areas mentioned in different languages.